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High humidity is always a concern for all the items and destroys the products in various ways. Hence humidity is the biggest enemy for all the items needed to be preserved. Various Items are preserved in Archives/Museums e.g. paintings, artifacts, wooden items, metallic items , photographs, handicrafts ,negative films, Objects D'art, magnetic tapes, cassettes , historical records, Leather items etc .In libraries the books also needs to preserved against humidity as humidity causes deterioration of books.
Humidity causes decay of papers, paintings, handicraft products, films etc. Humidity also causes discoloration & dyes to fade. It causes growth of mold, mildew & fungus on these items and reduces their life. All these items needs to preserve for our future generation and are price less as these cannot be created again and in original form. These are part of our priceless history.
Archives/Museums & Libraries are all part of our National Heritage and helps us to keep our culture alive. Archives/Museums/Galleries & Libraries being open for public visitors hence requires ventilation also which further adds up to the problem as fresh air brings more moisture to these spaces.

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Thus High humidity causes:
Decay of Paper/Documents/Books
Decay of Photographic Films
Dyes to Fade
Fungus Growth
Mildew Growth
Also causes organic colors to fade
Spoilage of materials
Corrosion – both organic & inorganic
All these items for long term preservation require Humidity control. Preservation can be done if humidity is controlled 40% RH. Rate of decay/corrosion (both organic & inorganic) increases beyond 40% Relative Humidity and increases further in case the atmosphere also has industrial pollutants as well. Some of the industrial pollutants cause the rate of corrosion to increase at much faster rate with high humidity compares to the climate conditions having only high humidity.
If humidity is controlled 40% RH, all the items can be preserved years together. These can be done with the help of chemical dehumidifier to maintain the humidity to desired levels for preservation.


Humidity Control prevents:
Decay of Paintings
Decay of Films/Photographic material
Decay of Paper/Documents/Books
Corrosion on metals
Decay of Leather goods, Wooden items etc
Fungus Growth
Mildew Growth


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