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All organic materials e.g. Leather, wood, paper etc are hygroscopic in nature. They tend to absorb moisture when exposed to high humidity's. The moisture once absorbed by the products increases the microbial activities. The growth of micro organisms results to growth of mold, mildew & fungus.

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Leather is also prone to the growth of micro organisms due to high humidity and results to:
Decomposition of the product
Weakens the product mechanically
Spoil the sheen of the product
Leather picks up moisture at various stages e.g. raw state, semi finished state, finished state. Even the natural fibres breakdown due to high humidity. High humidity also results to poor final product quality, poor finish and finished product wastage.
Leather can be protected from ill effects of high humidity by controlling the humidity to less then 40% RH. Rate of decay/corrosion (both organic & inorganic) increases beyond 40% Relative Humidity and hence should be controlled to less then 40%RH. These can be done with the help of chemical dehumidifier to maintain the humidity to desired levels in leather industry


Hence Moisture control is important in leather industry in the following areas:
Raw material storage
Unfinished material storage
Finished material storage


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