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Turbines & its components are very expensive.Turbine, Power generators, condensers, boilers etc begin to corrode during shut down period or while in storage. The rusting begins and starts corroding the expensive components or the whole turbine due to moisture present in the air. During shut down or storage the moisture present in the air remains trapped inside the turbine and condenses on the various components & parts which with the time starts the corrosion. This not only causes the decrease in shelf life of the turbine but also replacement of expensive parts & components.

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Hence moisture causes in turbines:
Decrease in shelf life of turbines
Corrosion inside the turbine on various components & parts
Replacement of expensive parts & Components
Increases down time
Increases maintenance cost
Corrosion in undesirable whether it is steam or gas turbines. Corrosion endangers the structural strength & characteristics of various components & parts both metallic and non metallic in steam & gas turbines. This causes reduction in their life designed for and frequent downtime & replacements. Corrosion is very difficult to control, only the cause of corrosion can be controlled i.e. the Humidity.
Condensing type of turbines are more vulnerable to corrosion as large quantity of water collected as condensate gets evaporated during shut down or idle period with time and results to corrosion.
The problem becomes more critical if the plants are located in areas where climate environment is also not conducive e.g. sea shores where humidity remains high throughout the year
Rate of corrosion increases beyond 40% Relative Humidity and increases further in case the atmosphere has industrial pollutants as well. Some of the industrial pollutants cause the rate of corrosion to increase at much faster rate with high humidity compares to the climate conditions having only high humidity.


Corrosion occurs in any turbines during:
Long term Storage
During shut down
During maintenance time
During idle conditions
Partial shut down
As standby during maintenance time
Solution is to pump dry air inside the turbines both in steam & gas turbines and control the humidity less then 40% RH to arrest the corrosion process. In turbines generally the RH of less then 40% is to be controlled in LP/IP & HP side of turbines.
With chemical dehumidification the RH can be easily controlled to less then 40% irrespective of climate conditions all around the year and hence can either fully control the corrosion or reduce drastically.


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